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christian louboutin outlet store fashion association in the fashion week During the mysterious death, leads to his wife and lover 's life; second, three fashion editors for a popular photographer competition, triggering a series of revenge and revenge farce;, Two to cope with the work to come to Paris, fashion journalists snatch One of the few hotel rooms, and then happened to love the enemy-style love. But most important, the whole fashion week in the preparation and conduct of the panoramic presentation during the period. Altman for the audience to show a nature and other industries Is no different from the fashion circle, which is filled with capital tied up big man, dedicated a little people, means a wide variety of jumping clowns, pendulum position of professional people, those in fashion Industry, the role of the wind and waves, more More or less into a real dilemma or logic plight. More fun from outside the industrial system, where there is still a human touch. The film 'Cloud Soul Storm' in the classic scene, models in Paris, the subway christian louboutin factory outlet

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cheap christian louboutin outlet station in the catwalk. In Hollywood, Altman 's movies are never big productions. But the film finally show the effect, but the actual investment looks much more expensive than the actual. This depends on the extensive network of Altman, numerous top stars free to join, even if only only Casual break finger calculation, 'Cloud Sang storm' appeared in the star as many as thirty or forty, and Sonia Rykiel (Sonia Rykiel) and other designers of the real body blessing. The film 's fashion guide is Sonia Rykiel 's' second home ', Sonia' s daughter Natalie. She was interviewed, said: 'I am very excited, this is the first concerned about the fashion industry of the film, a little sacrifice means.' Film during the film several Altman is very grateful to these fashion people with his play. 'Cloud Sang Storm' is also a style of the 1990s fashion a specimen. In the 1980s, Altman in Brittany, France, Film, during which many fashion brands have invited him to invite him to Paris to see the show. 'My wife, Catherine, is very excited discount christian louboutin shoes

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christian louboutin shoes outlet he recalls, 'but I have no interest in it, and lie to me that I am Not comfortable to shirk. 'Later, unable to withstand his wife' s Ruanmoyingpao, Man went to Paris Fashion Week. 'I was stunned by the spectacle, the unparalleled show that made me goose bumps,' he said. Sang Storm 'period, Altman of course, the Paris nightlife as part of the work of collecting folk songs. He linger in the fun of bars, nightclubs, and supermodel are pastimes, this scene that he himself lost some. After the filming, he Lost 35 pounds, I do not know because of overwork, or the fashion circle of the centripetal force of the aesthetic value played a role in subtle. October 24, 1994, the capital of Saxony, Germany Dresden Palace, watch brand Lange returned to the altar after the first press conference. 24 days display watch, large calendar window display date is Lange specially tune into 25 days. Ago, the newspaper is the only media channels, newspapers, newspapers to wait until the next day - October 25. 22 years ago released discount christian louboutin